Twice Around

You Know Me

Twice Around
Twice Around


You Know Me

It’s another day I’m here
It’s another day I wish I was there
It’s another day I celebrate my
Melancholy ways I sit and cry

Here I go again, I’m sighing
Here I go again, I’m grateful and flying
Here I go again, I calculate my
Almost never-ending reasons why

I am not alone
Where’s the telephone?
I could use a change of view
Please be home, I’m calling you

You know me, I’m crazy
You know me, I can’t decide
You know me, I’m spinning, spinning wild
But I’m ok, because you know me

All I wanna do is see you
All I wanna do is be by myself
All I wanna do is contemplate my
Momentary bliss, I sit and smile

I feel I’ve lost my mind
You don’t respond in kind
I can say that I am free
In the way you let me be

Repeat Chorus)

It may not be I’m crazy I’m just stuck inside my mind
We all could use a friend from time to time
And you are mine

(Repeat Chorus 2 times)

All I wanna do is see you …

Luisa: lead vocal, percussion
Frank: harmony vocal, acoustic guitars, electric guitar, organ, percussion
Chris Aleo: drums
Billy Bileca: bass