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Twice Around: Our Sound

We asked some of our listeners to describe our music. This is what they had to say:

Soulful acoustic
Good music from real people
Acoustic potpourri
Tasty acoustic music
Contemporary Folk
Contemporary roots music with a touch of the eclectic
Acoustic creations
Original & diverse songwriting
Acoustic folk rock
Acoustic magic
S.A.S. - Serious Acoustic Succotash

Thanks everyone!

As for our original music, we tend to write separately – but always have our fingers in each others pie (so to speak). Occasionally, the stars align and we sit down and write together. You just never know.
We come from different backgrounds and different generations (sorry to bring that up Frank), so our influences diverge a bit.

Frank’s include: The Beatles, America, Dan Fogelberg, Jim Croce/Maury Muehleisen, Brian Wilson, Motown, James Taylor, Eagles, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Dr Teeth & the Electric Mayhem, Steely Dan, Nick Drake, Delta Blues, Tom Meccariello,(and he likes those on Luisa's list too...especially Paul Simon).

Luisa’s include: Shawn Colvin, Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann, Cheryl Wheeler, Paul Simon, Stephen Sondheim!, and well, the Beatles, of course (and the rest of those guys on Frank’s list).
(Luisa’s side note: Frank suggests I add him to my list of influences – isn’t he funny?)
 Playing live, we have a couple of guitars, our voices, and a few fun percussion instruments for spice. Depending on the venue, we incorporate covers from some of the artists we love best (always a pleasure to play the music of those who’ve inspired you!).

In the studio we like to bring in other musicians and let them add a new element to the songs. This is great fun and allows us to have a fully produced sound. As we move along, each song seems to take on a new character. It is a process we love (even when it is driving us crazy).

Speaking of crazy love in the studio: We finished recording our debut CD as Twice Around in November 2005.  We titled it "Short Story Long" and it took a long time to tell, but it was finally released to the public in February 2006. We also have a CD entitled “… Flying”, from our days as FreeFall. Both CDs are available at gigs and online..


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